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+36 1 431 01 32
1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 99.
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After the long and strenuous excercises follow up with physical and mental rejuvenation with the help of our traditional and special massages!

Our massages:

Therapeutic massage
Therapeutic massage relieves the body by loosening muscles, enhances metabolism and circulation while strengthening the immuna system. By positively influencing nerve endings it blocks pain impulses while raising endorfine production, thereby being one of the most effective stress relief method, treating stress-induced headaches and sleeping disorders. Perfect for the treatment of cramps, strains, neck and shoulder pain. It is highly recommended by medical specialists for the treatment of the effects of sitting occupations and other orthopedic problems, and all sorts of ailments of those regularly faced with extreme physical or mental duress. While being free of side effects and having an universal positive influence, it does not, however replace medical treatment.


Swedish massage:
The form of massage applied most frequently, swedish massage can relieve pain and induce perfect relaxation. If you are in pain or just want to chill out, this is recommended for you.


Refreshing foot massage:
Massaging the reflex points found on the soles of the feet can stimulate the associated organs or body parts. It has beneficial effect on lymphic and blood circulation, detoxifies, reieves tension and harmonizes, invigorates body and soul.


Cellulitic massage:
The main culprits in causing the formation of cellulite are disturbances in water and fat metabolism as well as lymphic circulation insufficiencies. During the cellulitic massage our therapists use and rub in a special substance. After its application and absorption a special foil is used to enhance its effects. A perfect massage of beautification.


Refreshing massage:
Toning and refreshing the body, this massage breathes new live into the muscles. Perfect for reinvigorating the body after long hours of sitting work.


Relax massage:
If you have a strenuous supercharged lifestyle, or you just crave for some peace and the magic a touch can bring, this massage will enchant you.


We highly recommend this type of massage for active athletes, people who do hard labour. It is perfect to relieve muscle fever and regenerate general fatigue.