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Anandtech later tested this variant and reported some


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Reading these comments it seems that PA ranks down in voter knowledge of what democratic socialism really is. I suggest those that think it is socialism ie: Lenin, stalin, Castro, etc. Do a few Google searches on democratic socialism. Mission trips are largely a waste of time and money. I would love to hear arguments about why Mission Trips are a worthy enterprise. I have done mission trips in the past (one to Costa Rica and one to the Dominican Republic), and I always have the gnawing feeling that my money would be better invested in the country or other charities in the area than buying me a plane ticket for the week..

Blake of Simcoe, Ont., arrived in Afghanistan last month for his first tour of duty in the country. As canada goose stockists uk an explosives disposal operator, he was tasked with defusing IEDs. A competitive triathlete and pee wee hockey coach, Blake was a married father of two..

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