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By being fully engaged in the present moment


Canada Goose Parka In general, Recreation Administration majors are encouraged to take RECR 200 and complete the computer literacy requirement during the first semester in the department. Depending Continued on the desired option, RECR 250 (for the Options in Resort and Lodging Management and Event Management) or RECR 240 (for the Options in Community/Commercial Recreation and Tourism and Parks and Natural Resource Management) or RECR 260 (for the Option in Recreation Therapy) should also be considered.Major Core Program: 41 units3 units selected from:SUBJ NUMCourse FlagsIn this skills based course, students learn the basics of computer hardware and software. They learn to use research and analytic tools needed to meet the demands of upper division course work and to create professional presentations and Web content using electronic and conventional source materials in a safe and responsible manner. Canada Goose Parka

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