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Can I even stop her?Reminder to commenters: Don be a snake!


canada goose My mom is off the deep end again canada goose

canada goose factory sale Any attempt to stop her was met with insane rage. At rock bottom, she committed to therapy and seemed to completely transform. She was our first choice for our daughters to go to if anything Canada Goose Outlet happened to us, but now we not so sure. Side note: Dad is present but doesn work due to being severely physically disabled, and he has very little say in anything. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose online They bought their current house (with a standard loan) less than two years ago, and neither were present for the buyer inspection. A few months ago mom was diagnosed with CTE. This really seemed to trigger her. She got back into debunked quack diets (beans will kill you and vegetables are a lie) and started spending a lot of money on weird stuff she felt would solve all her problems. Feeling „gross” all the time, she got an at home mold kit that tested positive. Now she won enter the house, is living with canada goose outlet sale my grandma and working on moving dad in, and is going to demolish the house and replace it with a new one. Dad has been pleading with her to get an actual professional out to the house to do a thorough inspection, but she gets angry when he brings it up. He says they fighting regularly for the first time since the MLM. Mom is refusing a second opinion tooth and nail and has now escalated to saying that all their worldly possessions are contaminated and need to be destroyed. Mom is going to drain her 401K for the third time in order to do all this. Canada Goose online

cheap canada goose uk I have no idea what to do here. It not my life like it was the first time, but I can help panicking just knowing that this is going on. My mom is unstoppable and honestly pretty scary when she in this state, but can I really let this happen? Do I have a choice? Is it my business? Idk, I was sure she be the one to take my kids if something happened to us, but it took me like seven years after the initial meltdown to truly believe that she was a cheap canada goose stable, reasonable person, and now I don think I ever fully believe that again = cheap canada https://www.outletcanadagoose.biz goose uk

TL;DR generally chill mom occasionally goes berserk and nukes her entire life and it happening again. Can I even stop her?Reminder to commenters: Don be a snake! Share kindness, support and compassion, not criticism. We want OP to feel loved, and not in a tough way. For more helpful information please hit up our beautiful rules wiki!

canada goose uk black friday Reminder to all: watch out for a creepy pedo posing as an OT/speech therapist giving fucked up potty training advice, and don sweat it if your post gets 1 or 2 instant downvotes. You didn do anything wrong, we just have asshole lurkers stalking our /new queue. canada goose uk black friday

Canada Goose Coats On Sale I am cheap canada goose coat a bot, and this action was performed automatically. And I genuinely have no idea how this sort of thing works. BUT given the extreme circumstances, and the fact that your dad is basically helpless in the wake of all this (if she were single and alone I’d say fuck it, let her delusional self ruin her life if she wants to), I think maybe you could consider getting her involuntarily committed to a mental health place. Like I said, I have zero knowledge of how that works. But, this canada goose lodge uk is bad. I’m so so sorry your family is having to deal with this. I feel so much worse for your dad. He’s literally a prisoner in this chaos. I wish I had more experience or better advice than this. I don’t know if getting her committed would be better or worse for your canada goose youth uk dad though. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Do they even have the funds to rebuild a new home if she actually does this? I know canada goose victoria uk there’s got to be all kinds of hoops to jump through before she’d even be able to make that happen right?? Like local zoning laws and shit?Yeah it tough for canada goose premium outlet my dad. He was severely injured boxing at 25 (he turning 60 next month) so his whole attitude at this point is basically that he could never even aspire to have independence or control.

uk canada goose They dooooo nooooot have the funds!!! They bought the house in July 2017 with a loan. In other words, they haven made a scratch on their interest! She is planning to fully deplete her 401K (should carry stiff penalties, right?). The neighborhood we live in (I live nearby) is all large/luxury manufactured homes, so I think zoning will allow them to take it down and canada goose factory outlet winnipeg just plop another one on top of it rather easily. But knowing my mom (and also my dad), they will not be realistic about how a construction project of this scale will probably go over budget and take months longer than projected. uk canada goose

canada goose clearance As for having mom committed. Omg. That is daunting AF. I don think canada goose outlet canada I have much support in doing that (sister worships the ground she walks on and thinks this whole situation is legit). But honestly, considering the fact that she and dad both have CTE, I do have some very serious concerns about them conducting their own business as the years go on =( How would one to about getting psychiatric help on behalf of their parents?Wait, is that actually true that people with mold allergies can eat beans? I had not heard that At the moment, she very subscribed to a Dr. Gundry of GOOP fame. He widely debunked, as I found from a simple Google search (another thing my cowardly ass hasn confronted her over). The list of stuff my mom doesn eat is ridonkulous. canada goose clearance

I unsure if she been diagnosed with mold allergies, or just highly sensitive sinuses, which to the best of my understanding is actually a legit, long term issue for her. In fact, the balance issues caused by the sinus problem are basically responsible for the CTE (she falls and hits her head a lot).

canada goose black friday sale I thought she was still in therapy, but lately she made vague comments that sound like it actually a „life coach”. Knowing her, that person may very well be a total hack. I starting to realize that she canada goose outlet eu embellishes things a bit =Thanks for the thoughtful response! canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Jackets 1) She 52. Really never struck me as „a senior” but local resources might make exceptions given her condition Canada Goose Jackets.


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