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Chloe joined the DDQICteam after serving as the Content Manager


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cheap Canada Goose I. J. K. In her role at DDQIC, she enjoys working at the intersection of disciplines, and supporting the diverse range of ventures that come out of DDQIC’s programs.Katie CreasyKatie graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2011 with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Geography and Environmental Management, Sustainable Local Economic Development Option. Before joining the DDQIC official canada goose outlet team, she administered the Eastern Ontario Development Program a federally funded program aimed at advancing economic development in rural Eastern Ontario in canada goose vest outlet Prince Edward and Lennox Addington counties. In her role at DDQIC, Katie enjoys being part of a team dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship and innovation at Queen’s and in the wider community.Chloe joined the DDQICteam after serving as the Content Manager at Station 14 Kingston, a canada goose outlet in usa local online news start up. cheap Canada Goose

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