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Dual and triple techs, fleshed out characters that you care


best replica bags Saving lives, whether the creatures they belong to are good or evil, pushes a character towards good, while taking them pushes a character towards evil.With this idea of the morality axis in mind, I classed Frank as evil because, not only is killing the way he gets what he wants, his ultimate goal is to put as many criminals in the ground as he can, which is a dedication to the destruction of life. Unfortunately, the Punisher doesn have a reputation of saving kittens from trees or volunteering at soup kitchens, which would be the kind of good act I would argue he needs to perform on a consistent basis to push him into neutral.Of the characters I included in the OP, I was hoping commenters would challenge my Punisher assignment the most because I think his is the most arguable, so thank you for calling that one out. 2 points submitted 25 days agoThere really isn anything very effective in his kit except the broken light spam. best replica bags

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