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cheap canada goose uk First, let’s define the terms.”Fat” means women and men classified as overweight and obese, and it’s important to recognize the scientific and medical difference between cheap canada goose these two definitions.The Health Department’s statistics were based on survey respondents’ self reporting of their weight and height, which yielded a Body Mass Index (BMI).Staten Islanders classified as overweight had BMIs between 25.0 and 29.9.Anyone with a BMI of 30 or higher was bumped into the „obese” category.OBESITY IS HUGEAlmost one third of our borough’s residents a huge 32 percent, or a total of 115,000 people age 18 and older are obese, compared to only 24 percent citywide.Staten Island shares top place in the canada goose factory outlet citywide obesity record with the Bronx.The percent is lower in Brooklyn, where 27 percent of the population was reported as obese, followed by Queens, with 22 percent.The smallest percent of obese residents lived in Manhattan, arguably the city’s most walking active borough. There, slightly under 15 percent of the population tipped the scales over the obesity mark, according to the survey.More Staten Island men are obese (34 percent, or 58,000 people), compared to women (30 percent, or 56,000), the Health Department reported.Borough president elect James Oddo called the statistics „brutal,” adding that the numbers „verify what I see with my own eyes.”The implications of the numbers are vast and varied, and none of them good, including diminished quality of life and an increase in health costs for all of us,” he told the Advance.A South Shore resident who has been a member of Overeaters Anonymous for 30 years had no idea that the numbers were so high for the borough. „But there’s a lot of big people here you can see it when you go out so I’m not surprised.”People think it’s all about self control,” she continued cheap canada goose uk.


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