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Here’s how the countries compare to the United States over the


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uk canada goose And it turns out that these countries have pretty good records on immunization rates.Here’s how the countries compare to the United States over the four most recent years of data, cheap canada goose jacket according to the World Health Organization:United States: 92 percent (2010); 92 (2011); 92 (2012); 91 (2013)Mexico: 95 (2010); 98 (2011); 99 (2012); 89 (2013)El Salvador: 92 (2010); 89 (2011); 93 (2012); 94 (2013)Guatemala: 93 (2010); 89 (2011); 93 (2012); 85 (2013)Honduras: 98 (2010); 95 (2011); 93 (2012); 89 (2013)As you can see, in most years, the other countries had better vaccination rates than the United States, though there was a sudden decline in 2013 in every country but El Salvador. Still, these are fairly high vaccination rates, making it much less likely that illegal immigrants from these countries are a source of the outbreak.Brooks, in an interview, emphasized that he „never made a statement” that there was a link, just that it was possible. „You can have a lively debate about the most probable source of the outbreak,” he said, but he said he has made no judgment about whether illegal immigrants are a source uk canada goose.


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