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I thought I be going canada goose outlet location to learn and practice. Well, the other kids had been playing on teams and in camps for years already, and I sucked in comparison. I got harassed non stop for not knowing simple things like what a layup was. They were so relentless that I ran out of there after the second or third session and never went back. I see it as an adult too. Ive been trying to get involved in intramural or „beer leagues” to have some fun and exercise. Tried my local roller hockey league and it was a fucking deathtrap. No refs, cross checks, slashing, high sticks, and fights. Tried soccer, was a great group of people for the first few weeks and then a few tryhards started showing up and were throwing elbows canada goose jacket outlet uk into ribs, tripping others, sliding with cleats up. So your childhood affinity for basketball canada goose womens uk was permanently ruined by some overly competitive kids in a basketball camp, that pretty shitty. Maybe you should have tried like a city/community league instead, I a pretty decent basketball player and still play today, but I always enjoyed the city league I played in better than any other organized league or camps. My parents just could not afford them, so I understood, and they were scraping together the tuition every month already for me to be able to attend, but you never forget that feeling of thinking you were „lesser” and as I was called „a poor”. I am cheap canada goose privileged to be in a better position financially than my parents were so my kids get some nice things because I don ever want them to feel that way.

Edit: I should add these things are tied to chore completion and school performance, trying to find the balance between giving them nice things and them understanding the value of work.


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