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This brings me to the second point


canada goose uk black friday Imagine you got a black box with a big red button on top. When you press the button, the black box lights up. canada goose uk black friday

In this example, pressing the red button means the black box will canada goose outlet hong kong light up. There is an understanding between you and the box that says „if I press the button, the box will light up.”

canada goose factory cheap canada goose sale Instead of your finger, you got a computer with you guessed it a mechanical finger. You can tell the computer to press the button, and the box will light up. See how this is still functionally the same? You told a computer to do your bidding, instead of your finger. canada goose factory sale

canada goose coats Let extend even further: instead of hitting a mechanical button, let pretend that you have to say „Light Up!” to canada goose outlet new jersey the box in order to light it up. If you could program your computer to say this, the black box will light up. Still functionally the same thing. canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket cheap Now imagine instead of saying this verbally, you write it out as a written command for the box. And this part https://www.rheingoenheim-info.de is the most critical the black box tells you the exact wording to use: lightMeUp(). The box also has an instruction manual on how to submit this command to the box. buy canada goose jacket cheap

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In this example, the application is the box itself. The interface is the understanding between you and the box. In other words, it is an interface for programming the application (the box). This answer is canada goose clearance uk solely based on my Software designing and development experience and may not be complete.

API stands for Application programmable/programming Interface. The basic example that may be relevant to all the web developer will be the the MySQL api for PHP. In MySQL terminology we call it the PHP MySQL connector. The standard Public API of any MySQL connector will have a way to connect canada goose outlet orlando to the MySQL server, execute query on the server, fetch the result and close the connection. In simple terms these are a set of library function calls that you canada goose outlet shop can add to your application. These are the interfaces that enable your system (application or module) to interact with another system (application or module) that is1. Stable systems Consider a system which has been around for quite sometime. There has been a lot of bug fixes to make the code stable and you canada goose factory outlet do not want to mess with it by adding more features by directly adding more code in between the existing lines of code, which may lead to regressions. Instead, you decided to create an interface that will allow you to access(or tap at ) all the necessary point of the code flow as and when required. It is a one time change and enables you to extend your system without worrying about regressions. This also enables to make sure that different modules of a bigger system can be created and maintained separately. This brings me to the second point.

buy canada goose jacket 2. Modular System Other that being a basic OOPs concept(that we crammed up in School/College) It is one of the most sort after necessity of any software system. It is easier to build a modular system, test and debug it when required or to maintain it. Most Software systems are modular in cheap canada goose parka design, which also mean the while coding the modularity has to be maintained. APIs provide an excellent way to make systems modular. Each module can have their own interfaces though which they interact with other modules. This means that a particular module can be updated as long as there is no changes in the interfaces. Also It may be interesting to know that well written canada goose discount uk modules can be reused multiple times thereby improving code quality. buy canada goose jacket

3. Closed or restricted systems Consider Facebook for example. It is a vast system, internals of which is restricted. Considering that it needs to provide data to various applications that are based on facebook, it cannot let all these application add their own code in the back end of facebook. So it provides an api to access all the data that an application can access. APIs also provide data to third party vendors and thereby facilitating creating third party apps for various purposes which would otherwise be impossible.

uk canada goose outlet 4. Pluggable system: If you have used MySQL you must be aware of the concept of storage engine. MySQL as a system provides an API to write your own storage engine that suites your need. APIs play an important role in this case since without an API the two way interaction of the system and plugins will be impossible. Most software we use today leverage the concept of plugins, examples being firefox, chrome etc. uk canada goose outlet

5. The Authentiaction protocol is called OAuth which is implemented using some simpleThe above type of systems encompasses the majority of systems that uses API. There may be more but I cannot recall them as of now.

Canada Goose Jackets To the second part of your question which is regarding learning about APIs and creating them hands on may I refer to this wonderful presentation by Joshua Bloch from Google. There are certainly best practices for writing the best APIs but they will take you to a certain point canada goose garson vest uk after which the experience will guide you. If you are good at the skills you have mentioned it should be a software design problem and not a coding issue. You should also look into Software design patterns and Software Design fundamentals. Canada Goose Jackets

uk canada goose An API defines an abstraction layer for software services and resources. The API describes the rules and the expected behavior so that the service or resource can be accessed as a black box, without a need to understand the details of how it is implemented. uk canada goose

cheap canada goose uk For example a book distributor may provide the book shops that it supplies with an application which allows a cashier to walk through a sequence of menus to check on the availability of books in the warehouse. However it could also provide an API to directly check on stock availability. One benefit is that the query could be made from within the book shop’s standard application, rather than switching to a different application for each supplier. Another benefit is that the distributor has the flexibility to switch its internal systems (or implementation) however it likes, as long as the behaviour of the API interface remains the same. cheap canada goose uk

For a broader analogy: it is impossible to imagine how anyone would design a car today without taking advantage of existing modules or vehicle subsystems. In the early days of the automotive industry, pioneering engineers would craft the majority of components as a custom design. Over time, subsystems began to be identified and elements such as the powertrain (engine/transmission), brakes, steering, suspension, cockpit and body each became areas of specialisation. Engineering teams would work on the different subsystems and often entire companies would specialize on one or more subsystems. As big automotive manufacturers outsource more work in their drive for efficiency, their role becomes one of a systems integrator. Thanks to well designed interfaces between all the subsystems, when they are brought together at assembly time, the result is a vehicle with great performance relative to cost. APIs provide equivalent interfaces and support similar modularization for software systems.

Canada Goose sale This is an summarized answer from a nine page whitepaper that I wrote for 3scale. Anyone who wants to dive into the topic in more depth can get the full whitepaper (free, and no registration necessary) from:This API takes circles, triangles, and squares and lets them into the box. It forces the user or client program to organize the inputs going into the box to the designer liking, presumably so they easier to work canada goose ebay uk with Canada Goose sale.


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