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We not sure it going to be a permanent thing


Metal has largely been a working class subculture going back to it’s founding, and Extreme Metal is inherently Nihilist (militantly so). It’s easy to hide your Nazi bullshit in extreme attitudes and imagery, while you slowly peel impressionable youth away from more mainstream politics. They’ve done it with Industrial Music (from art school shit like Noise, to Goth oriented dance stuff like EBM.).

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America, the UK, the saudis, and most governments in the EU are actively working through secondary groups to break human rights laws and save face while „fighting the good fight”, which from what canada goose outlet jackets anyone with sense can tell is „money”. Not saying some fights don’t need to be fought, but the majority that these groups back, they do in bad faith, fighting against democratically elected leaders, against human rights fronted governments, and even against their own people’s interests, because they believe by brutally annihilating socialists overseas, they can stop them at home. They don „support” Putin, they made arrangements with the system in the past (or even during Yeltsin term) and their wealth is their responsibility.

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